If you’re considering the most affordable cities for retirement, a new ranking makes a strong case for Ohio.

As reported on TheStreet, the folks at GoBankingRates.com ranked the 100 largest U.S. cities based on how much annual retirement income would be needed to cover the cost of housing, healthcare, transportation, food, and utilities.

When the dust settled from the various algorithms, a crown jewel of cheap retirement emerged.

For each city, GoBankingRates also factored in a seven-category “livability score” courtesy of AreaVibes.com — and filtered out cities that have a senior population of less than 9.5%.

When the dust settled from the various algorithms, a crown jewel of cheap retirement emerged: the Buckeye State.

Cleveland was No. 1, followed by Toledo; Columbus came in at No. 14, meaning Ohio has three of the top 15 most affordable cities to retire to.

RankCityAnnual Expenditures
1Cleveland, OH$38,147
2Toledo, OH$38,643
3Buffalo, NY$40,624
4Fort Wayne, IN$41,120
5Greensboro, NC$41,120
6Memphis, TN$41,615
7Lubbock, TX$42,111
8Wichita, KS$42,606
9El Paso, TX$43,102
10Winston-Salem, NC$43,102
11Indianapolis, IN$43,597
12St. Louis, MO$43,597
13Mobile, AL$43,597
14Columbus, OH$44,588
15Milwaukee, WI$44,588

Source: GOBankingRates. See the full list here

Retiring comfortably continues to grow more challenging.  As the cost of living continues to rise many adults are working longer than ever, and many retirement-age Americans  do not have enough retirement savings.

Expanding the geographical range of your search could ease the pressure. Check out the full list from GoBankingRates and see the other cities that made the cut.

And if one of the towns on the list strikes your fancy, TheStreet also added some helpful information on state taxes for retirees and median home value.