Retirement should be a time of rest and relaxation, not years spent worrying about crime. Unfortunately, it turns out that a lot of American retirees flock to some pretty unsafe areas.

The Senior List recently put together a report detailing which states are the safest for seniors to live in. They took five factors that affect senior safety into consideration: Fraud victimization, violent deaths, the security of living alone, average rental costs, and poverty rates. The results may surprise you.

If you don’t mind a chilly winter and plenty of cornfields, the Hawkeye state might be for you.

Iowa came in as the safest state for seniors. If you don’t mind a chilly winter and plenty of cornfields, the Hawkeye state is the best on the map.

It boasts only 330 instances of fraud per 100,000 people, and only 6.6% of residents over the age of 65 live in poverty. It’s also cheap: The average monthly rental housing cost of $740 is among the lowest in the nation.

Rounding out the top five safest (in descending order): Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Utah. History buffs, if you’d like to retire near Mt. Rushmore, you can rest easy doing so.

Florida, on the other hand, a massively popular retirement destination, came in dead last in terms of safety.

Monthly rent in Florida averages $1,007 and 21.2 out of 100,000 people incur a violent death (making it the 39th most violent out of 50 states and the District of Columbia).

States suffering from similar issues include retiree hotspots Arizona (tied with D.C. for #46), Nevada (#48), and New Mexico (#50). Also on the bottom: Delaware (#49).

Before you move based solely on warm and sunny climes, make sure you take this information into consideration.

Of course, certain factors like strong neighborhood security and having family nearby can increase safety in even the most treacherous states, and even the cheery midwest is not without its share of crime. In any case, it behooves seniors keep all of these number in mind and keep an eye out for signs of fraud.