You may be years away from retirement or qualifying for Medicare, so you don’t think the term “senior discount” applies to you. But not every restaurant, travel vendor, or store makes you wait until 65, or even 60 for that matter, to enjoy a sweet deal in reward for your years on the planet.

So, by all means, continue to bask in your relative youth a while longer. But don’t let that stop you from saving a few bucks where you can.

The following list, culled from The Senior List‘s compilation of 2019 discounts, identifies more than 20 deals available to adults starting at age 55, or in some cases, for those who are as young as 50.

Of course, joining AARP can open up senior discounts at a younger age too, but you may not yet be ready to identify as “retired”—or face up to the fact that you’re old enough to join AARP.

For additional discounts, including many more that kick in at 60 or 65, check out the full list here.

Dining out

  • Arby’s: The Senior List reports that some locations offer a free drink to those 55 and older. 
  • Carrow’s Restaurants has a special “Golden 55” menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • IHOP offers a special 55+ discounted menu, pancakes included.
  • Jack in the Box: Save up to 20% off if you’re 55 or older.
  • KFC: Earn a free small drink with any meal if you’re 55 or older.
  • Krispy Kreme: A 10% senior discount kicks in at age 50, though the Senior List notes that the age and discount varies by location.
  • McDonald’s: Coffee discounts are available if you’re 55 or older.
  • Old Country Buffett locations offer daily deals for the 55 and older.
  • TCBY: Satisfy your yogurt craving and for 10% less if you’re 55 or older.


Below age 65, you’re out of luck with the airlines, but some car rental agencies extend discounts starting earlier, especially if you’re a member of AARP (Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Payless). Non-AARP discounts include Dollar Rent-a-Car (10% off starting at 50) and Hertz (20% for 50-plus). 

Hotel discounts tend to kick in at age 60 or 62 (or younger, with an AARP membership, if the hotel offers them). At Best Western, you can earn up to 15% off room rates if you’re 55 or older.

As for cruises, The Senior List reports that big lines like Carnival Cruises, Norwegian, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean reward travelers 55 and older with discounts if you ask.

Clothes shopping 

Only a few retail stores reward you before age 60, but The Senior List reports that you can early 10% off at Banana Republic starting at age 50, and 10% off at Dress Barn on Tuesdays or Wednesday if you’re 55 or older.

In Florida only, according to The Senior List, you can earn 10% off at TJ Maxx on Mondays if you’re 55 or older. 

Find the full list of discounts here.