Retirement is an exciting phase of life, but some retirees want to stay active and make some extra cash too. That’s where part-time retirement jobs come in! 

Did you know that millions of retirees choose to keep working part-time? According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s report in 2015, there were 4.6 million men and 3.7 million women over 65 years old in the labor force. 

Surprisingly, even 5.3 million full-time workers were 65 or older! So, if you’re a retiree looking for part-time job ideas, you’re not alone.

We’ve got 20 awesome part-time job ideas tailored just for retirees. Ready to explore new horizons? Let’s dive in!

20 best part-time jobs in retirement

1. Consultant

Average age: 43 years old

Average hourly pay: $36

This is one of the best part-time jobs for retirees. As a consultant, you get to leverage your years of expertise and knowledge in a specific field to help businesses or individuals. 

It offers flexibility in choosing your hours and clients, allowing you to maintain a work-life balance. Additionally, you can work remotely, reducing the need for a daily commute. 

The income from consulting can supplement retirement funds, making it financially rewarding. Moreover, sharing your wisdom and making a difference in others’ lives can be personally fulfilling. It’s a win-win situation for retirees looking to stay active and engaged.

2. Tutor

Average age: 42 years old

Average hourly pay: $12 – $40

You can share your expertise, passions, and wisdom with young minds eager to learn. It’s a chance to dive deep into your favorite subjects and see the spark of understanding light up in your students’ eyes. 

Plus, you can choose your schedule without rushing to meet someone else’s timeline. Whether you prefer in-person sessions, interacting with students face-to-face, or online tutoring, reaching kids from all around the world, the choice is yours! 

And let’s not forget the sense of fulfillment when you witness your students excel in their studies, knowing you played a crucial role in their achievements. It’s not just about the extra income but the joy of teaching and your lasting impact on their lives.

3. Tour guide

Average age: 70% are older than 55

Average hourly pay: $17

Being a tour guide in retirement is like exploring the world again, but this time with a group of eager adventurers! Imagine strolling through historic streets, sharing captivating stories about famous landmarks, and revealing hidden gems only locals know. 

As a tour guide, you’ll get to embrace your passion for travel while immersing yourself in diverse cultures and fascinating histories. It’s a chance to meet people from all walks of life, making lifelong connections along the way. 

The best part? You set the pace and choose the tours you want to lead, giving you the freedom to enjoy your retirement while doing what you love.

4. Pet sitter/dog walker

Average age: 31 years old

Average hourly pay: $17

Pet sitting is one of the best part-time jobs for retired people. You just need to provide a safe and caring environment for pets when their owners are away, making their absence stress-free. 

And as a dog walker, you’ll enjoy leisurely strolls with your four-legged buddies, keeping you and the pups active and healthy. It’s the ideal way to combine your love for animals with a part-time job. 

Plus, the sheer joy of seeing happy pets and grateful owners will warm your heart. The flexible hours mean you can still enjoy your retirement while positively impacting these adorable creatures’ lives.

5. Retail associate 

Average age: 40 years old

Average hourly pay: $15

In this role, retirees assist customers with purchases, provide product knowledge, and maintain store displays. It offers flexible hours, allowing retirees to balance work with leisure. 

Engaging with diverse customers enhances communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, it fosters a sense of purpose, as retirees contribute to a bustling retail environment. 

The job provides opportunities to stay physically active and mentally stimulated, promoting overall well-being.

6. Librarian assistant 

Average age: 47 years old

Average hourly pay: $17.37

You get to play a vital role in organizing, cataloging, and helping people find the perfect books they’re looking for. It’s a chance to share your passion for reading and guide others on their literary journeys. 

The flexible hours give you time to pursue your interests while staying connected with a vibrant community of book lovers. 

Also, you’ll be surrounded by endless learning opportunities and the satisfaction of fostering a love for reading in others. 

Being a librarian assistant is like nurturing the soul of a community, and it’s an enriching way to spend your retirement days!

7. Event staff

Average age: 38 years old

Average hourly pay: $15

Whether it’s a music festival, a corporate conference, or a sports event, event staff ensures everything runs smoothly. 

From setting up stages and booths to managing registrations and handling logistics, staff members are the backbone of successful gatherings. 

They thrive on teamwork and adaptability, handling any challenge with a smile. It’s a dynamic role that allows you to be part of exciting happenings while meeting new people and networking with industry professionals. 

The work may be fast-paced, but the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment in creating unforgettable experiences make being part of the event staff a thrilling and rewarding choice!

8. Gardening/landscaping assistant

Average age: 41 years old

Average hourly pay: $19.55

As part of a green-fingered team, you’ll immerse yourself in the outdoors, nurturing plants and creating stunning landscapes. 

From planting colorful blooms to pruning trees and maintaining lawns, your hands-on work will transform spaces into tranquil havens. 

It’s a job that connects you with the earth, and each day brings a sense of fulfillment as you witness the fruits of your labor blooming. The fresh air and physical activity keep you healthy and invigorated, making it an ideal retirement job for nature lovers.

9. Virtual assistant 

Average age: 78% are 40+ years

Average hourly pay: $33

As a virtual assistant, you’ll be providing administrative support to clients remotely. From managing schedules and emails to handling research and data entry, you’ll be their go-to problem solver. 

Virtual assisting also opens doors to freelance opportunities. You can offer specialized services like social media management, content writing, graphic design, and more. 

The beauty of this role is the flexibility it offers. You can set your hours, choose your clients, and work from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s perfect for retirees seeking a part-time job that complements their lifestyle.

10. Fitness instructor

Average age: 37 years old

Average hourly pay: $22

Looking for fun part-time jobs for retirees? Being a fitness instructor is like spreading the joy of health and wellness to others! As a fitness instructor, you’ll be leading invigorating workouts, inspiring people to embrace an active lifestyle. 

From high-energy group classes to personalized training sessions, you’ll help clients achieve their fitness goals. It’s a role that promotes positivity, self-confidence, and overall well-being. 

As a retiree, being a fitness instructor allows you to stay fit and share your passion for wellness with others. It’s a rewarding job that fosters meaningful connections with your clients, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. 

11. Crafts and handmade goods seller

Average age: Unlimited

Average pay: Depending on sales

Becoming a crafts and handmade goods seller is like turning your hobbies into a delightful business! 

You get to showcase your creativity and talent, offering unique, handmade products to customers. From beautiful handcrafted jewelry to cozy knitted items and artistic pottery, your creations will bring joy to people’s lives. 

It’s a rewarding way to spend your retirement, doing what you love and sharing it with the world. The best part? You can set up shop online or at local markets, allowing you to work at your own pace and engage with fellow artisans and customers. 

12. Translator

Average age: 41 years old

Average hourly pay: $29

As a translator, you bridge communication gaps, allowing people from different backgrounds to understand each other and connect in new ways. 

You’ll work with written texts or verbal communication, rendering content accurately and maintaining the original message’s essence. It’s a job that celebrates diversity and fosters global understanding.

Did you know that “Freelance translators and interpreters are 55% more likely to work at private companies instead of public companies”? So, as a retired translator, you have the flexibility to work independently, which is fantastic! 

You can take up exciting projects with private firms, helping them break language barriers and expand their reach globally.

13. Online content creator

Average age: Any age

Average hourly pay: $29.8

As a content creator, you get to share your passions, knowledge, and creativity with the world through various platforms like blogs, videos, and social media. 

Whether it’s crafting engaging articles, making entertaining videos, or sharing captivating photos, you’ll connect with audiences who resonate with your content. 

It’s a dynamic and flexible role, allowing you to express yourself while working from the comfort of your home. As a retiree, online content creation keeps you mentally stimulated, tech-savvy, and in touch with the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Plus, there’s the potential to earn income through partnerships and sponsorships. 

14. Customer service representative

Average age: 40+ years old

Average hourly pay: $18

As a customer service rep, you’ll be the first point of contact for customers, addressing their inquiries and concerns and providing support. It’s a role that requires excellent communication skills, empathy, and problem-solving abilities. 

You’ll engage with people from all walks of life, ensuring they have a positive experience with the company’s products or services. As a retiree, customer service allows you to stay socially connected and mentally sharp as you navigate various situations and find solutions for customers. 

The flexible hours and potential for remote work make it a great part-time job for retirees. So, if you enjoy helping others and being the hero behind the scenes, being a customer service representative is a fulfilling, people-oriented way to spend your retirement days!

15. Bookkeeper or accounting assistant

Average age: 51 years old

Average hourly pay: $21.38

Being a bookkeeper or accounting assistant is like being a behind-the-scenes financial wizard! As a bookkeeper or accounting assistant, you’ll be organizing and recording financial transactions, keeping the company’s books balanced and accurate. 

It’s a role that demands attention to detail and a knack for numbers. You’ll work closely with accountants and financial teams, ensuring everything is in order and compliant with regulations. 

Bookkeeping or accounting allows retirees to utilize their financial understanding and experience flexibly and part-time.

16. Museum or art gallery guide

Average age: 42 years old

Average hourly pay: $13

You’ll lead visitors on immersive tours, sharing fascinating stories and insights about the exhibits. 

It’s a role that celebrates art, culture, and heritage, enriching museum-goers’ experience. Your passion and knowledge will be bringing the exhibits to life, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. 

Further, it allows you to indulge in your love for art and history while engaging with people from diverse backgrounds. The flexible hours and the opportunity to continuously learn about new exhibits make it an exciting and intellectually rewarding part-time job.

17. Bookstore assistant

Average age: 47 years old

Average hourly pay: $18.2

Bookstore Assistant is undoubtedly one of the best part-time retirement jobs, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and meaningful interactions! 

As a bookstore assistant, you get to immerse yourself in the world of literature, helping customers discover their next literary adventure. 

Greeting visitors with a warm smile, you’ll become their guide through the shelves, recommending books that match their interests. Operating the cash register and ensuring accurate transactions are additional skills that will make you an essential asset to the store. 

What’s more, you have the chance to assist the bookstore staff with inventory, troubleshooting for students, handling returns, and keeping the shelves organized. It’s a role that keeps you mentally engaged, socially connected, and surrounded by the joy of books.

18. Driving instructor 

Average age: 43 years old

Average hourly pay: $26

As a driving instructor, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping safe and skilled drivers. Guiding learners through the rules of the road, you’ll be instilling valuable driving techniques and best practices. 

It’s a rewarding job that empowers individuals with life skills while keeping roads safer. The flexibility in scheduling lessons allows you to strike a perfect balance in your retirement.

19. Personal shopper 

Average age: 40 years old

Average hourly pay: $16

Being a personal shopper is like being a fashion fairy godparent, granting style wishes and boosting confidence! As a personal shopper, you’ll work closely with clients to understand their fashion preferences and curate outfits that suit their unique tastes and body type. 

It’s a role that celebrates individuality, helping people feel their best and look fabulous. Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday wear, you’ll be their go-to fashion expert. 

As a retiree, being a personal shopper lets you stay connected with the latest fashion trends and share your keen eye for style. The flexibility in scheduling and the potential for both in-person and online consultations make it a perfect part-time job for retirees.

20. Receptionist 

Average age: 41 years old

Average hourly pay: $18

Being a receptionist is a fantastic part-time retirement job! Picture this: you’re the friendly face welcoming visitors and callers to the office or establishment. It’s a role that offers a perfect balance of staying active and socially engaged. 

You’ll get to use your excellent communication skills to assist people, answer inquiries, and direct them to the right places. The best part is the flexible hours, allowing you to have time for other activities while earning some extra income.


Retirement doesn’t mean the end of work; it opens up exciting part-time job opportunities for retirees to explore. From sharing expertise as a consultant to nurturing creativity as a craft and handmade goods seller, the options are diverse and fulfilling. 

Whether you’re passionate about teaching, exploring new places, or simply enjoying the joy of books, there’s a perfect part-time job to suit your interests. 

These 20 part-time job ideas for retirees offer a chance to supplement income and opportunities to stay socially connected, mentally engaged, and emotionally fulfilled. 

Embrace this new chapter of life enthusiastically, and let your retirement journey be filled with joy, purpose, and new adventures!