From celebrities over 50 like Oprah to the less famous chic fashionistas rocking killer styles and travel gurus taking us on an adventure, there are all kinds of influences over 50.

Believe us when we say you’ll get an extra sip of confidence seeing each of these people spread their joy and positivity with loyal and admiring fans of different numbers.

They’re challenging and breaking the stereotypes and letting us know that age is indeed just a number.

10 Instagram influencers over 50

1. Will Smith – Same Kid From West Philly

Have you ever seen the “Bad Boys “ movie franchise? No? How about “Men in Black”?

For sure you must have come across one of the many movies starring our very own Will Smith (54). Then, it shouldn’t be surprising he’s still one of the top influencers on social media today with over 63 million followers on Instagram. 

Interestingly, he didn’t even start out his life as an actor. Will is a multi-talented American actor, rapper, and producer who has received well-earned recognition both in the music and film industries.

On his Instagram page you’ll find links to Will the Book and Undawn 

Undawn is a survival game with Will Smith’s official Video game debut.

Will the Book is a memoir written by Will with the help of Mark Manson, it was published in November 2021.

Beyond all his professional achievements, perhaps what makes Will Smith even more influential is his positive and motivational outlook on life. He regularly shares inspirational messages and life lessons with his fans through social media and public appearances despite the emotional breakdowns resulting from his abusive childhood.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator

Born on July 30, 1947, in Thal, Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger has always had a remarkable life story. From his iconic portrayal of T-800 in the Terminator series to a successful career in bodybuilding and politics, he has conquered every field he stepped in with unmatched passion.

He held the title of the highest-paid actor for a while, but while his Hollywood stardom had brought him that much success, Arnold’s entrepreneurial spirit also shone brightly. Unbelievable that he made his first million at the age of 25 through real estate investments. Today, his real estate portfolio alone is worth a staggering $100 million! 

He won 7 Mr. Olympia titles, 1 Mr. World title, and has many more life achievements that make him an iconic influence even in this current age.

Who can forget his legendary rivalry turned friendship with Sylvester Stallone? They once competed fiercely with each other, but later became close friends.

Besides having 24.9M followers on his Instagram page, His daily podcast Arnold’s Pump Club has a lot of subscribers always eager to hear more from him.

3. Oprah Winfrey – Queen of All Media

With 22M followers on Instagram, she’s a force among older influencers.

Oprah’s journey from living through a traumatic childhood to becoming an international icon and one of the most influential people on Instagram tells a remarkable story of resilience, perseverance, and determination. 

Her success goes beyond her famous television shows to film and theater, founding Harpo Productions (a successful media production company) and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), and being a philanthropist. She has been a huge inspiration to a large number of fans on Instagram today.

Here are some verified Instagram accounts affiliated with Oprah:

4. Jamie Lee Curtis – The Queen of Screams

Being an accomplished actress, with the hearts of many warmed by her impressive and versatile performances it’s no wonder she has as many as 5.4M followers with her on Instagram.

Her accomplishments include receiving several accolades like the Golden Globe Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, numerous published books for young readers that primarily focus on themes of self-acceptance and empowerment. 

She was open about her struggles with addiction and has used her platform to raise awareness about the importance of substance abuse recovery. Her honesty and transparency not only inspired many others, it also helped reduce the stigma around addiction.

5. Jordan B. Peterson – Intellectual and Free Speech Advocate.

In the profound world of Dr. Jordan Peterson, he’s not just an ordinary figure but a beacon of inspiration for seekers of truth. He’s a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and renowned commentator, with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of human existence.

Dr. Peterson’s life’s work revolves around empowering people to delve deeper into the meaning of their existence and be more in touch with the world around them. 

Life is suffering… so get your act together.” These powerful words echo the essence of Dr. Peterson’s teachings, urging us to confront life’s challenges head-on and emerge stronger and wiser. His lectures and writings have ignited the spirits of countless individuals, propelling them to seize control of their destinies and embrace a life of profound meaning.

He has many affiliations, some of which are with the daily wire. His successful youtube channel has over 7M subscribers. He’s currently preparing a lecture series on the Book of Exodus and is joined by several other intellectuals from The Daily Wire.

6. Viviana Zetazeta: A Perfect Example of Chic Italian Living!

This lifestyle blogger extraordinaire has been unraveling elegance, creating content, and developing her influence since 2015.

Vivi, though 50 years of age, still captivates her increasing followers across news, beauty, fashion, travel, home, and health on exquisite Italian lifestyle content.

Besides her Instagram page with 11.3k followers and growing, she has a well-curated blog, where you will find high-quality content from “Sustainable Fashion: Find out how to combine Style and Environmental Responsibility” to “Face Serum, what is it For and Which One to Choose.”

Be sure to follow her to fully experience what we can only describe as the exquisite allure of Italian sophistication.

7. Lee Holmes: Your Ageless Lifestyle Guru 

Very few people can redefine wellness and be forever young the way Lee Holmes from Australia does it.

A first look at her profile must tell you something about why she is a true inspiration to her followers and among social media influencers over 50. 

See how she embodies everything about healthy living and just keeps giving off a glow that defies age.

Maybe you’re wondering “What’s her secret?”

Well, besides being a certified clinical nutritionist, Lee’s health-conscious lifestyle must hold the secret to her timeless beauty. She’s a nutritionist, wholefood chef, and yoga teacher, Lee hosts Supercharged Food, a platform where she passionately shares her knowledge on living well.

She spends most of her time taking her followers on a journey of healthy living, and shares rare insights into nourishing food choices, gut health, and even wellness travel destinations on her Supercharged Food website and pages.

Lee’s creativity just makes her simple, fun, and remarkably tasty recipes worth the try. What even adds to the excitement about them is that they are all budget-friendly.

Perhaps you should start by exploring her smoothie bowl recipe, learn the art of creating a kitchen garden, and discover simple yet elegant tablescape ideas for your home – all on her blog

Lee shares fascinating and engaging videos like “What on Earth is Diatomaceous Earth?” and “Raw Lemon and Lime Cheesecake” on her youtube channel.

8. Pauline and Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk) – The Power Couple

Nope, it’s no cliche to say that “Love knows no boundaries” with these two. Pauline and Geoffrey’s enduring bond speaks volumes for themselves.

Well, where to start telling you about this delightful couple? Not only have they been married for over 70 years, they are still head over heels for each other.

At ages 88 and 91, their heartwarming Instagram page captures the beauty of their daily life, from delightful meals to enchanting garden moments. Want to know what we mean? You should see #ILoveThatGirl.

Leading up to 291k followers on Instagram who love them, They are also affiliated with a charity organization set up to provide free services and support to ex-service men and women with visual impairment and was established in 1915 called blind veterans.

9. Nancy Montuori/Ordinary Vegan: A Remarkable Journey from Being a Music Enthusiast to Plant-Powered Nutrition Influencer

You’ll love Nancy Montuori, a passionate vegan enthusiast and a shining star among social media influencers over 50. Her fascinating background story adds a unique touch to the world of plant-based living. 

She had already had a remarkable 23-year career at Warner Bros Records, and a life-long love for music. Nancy’s path took a transformative turn after watching “Forks Over Knives.”. Everything changed at that moment. She wholeheartedly embraced and began her journey inspiring others to lead healthy lives through plant-based nutrition. And since then, her impact has increased a lot.

Nancy’s culinary creations are nothing short of extraordinary. Her Easy 5 Ingredient Vegan Cookbook and fulfilling online recipes together, make the vegan lifestyle so appealing. 

She’s the life of her Ordinary Vegan recipe blog, podcast, and captivating social media profiles, including her massive 305k-follower Facebook page. Nancy’s reach is so wide, she collaborates with brands from skincare to food. 

From her yummy and delectable vegan spinach pancakes and mouth-watering sweet potato burgers to soulful slow-simmering collard greens and an Asian-inspired chickpea noodle vegetable soup – she just can’t but keep you satisfied and well nourished.

Do you want to dive into the delightful world of Nancy Montuori and her plant-powered recipes? Visit the Ordinary Vegan website and get a taste of the wonders of nourishing, wholesome goodness.

10. Sara LaFountain – Super Mom and Cook

She has five kids of her own, over 50 years old but still manages to be there for moms who need someone to have their back in the kitchen and beyond. Sara comes across as nothing short of a lifesaver to her followers.

Being a family foodie and lifestyle influencer with five kids of her own, Sara has earned herself recognition for her experience. She’s your ultimate go-to mom for culinary wisdom and life hacks. Oh, and did we mention she runs a successful school lunch program too? Can this get any better?

Check out Sara’s Cook with Five Kids website and social media profiles, you’ll definitely make it your frequent go-to for family food and lifestyle inspiration.

She’s on threads too.

I bet you didn’t think there could be much more from Sara. But, Yes, there’s more! Sara’s content goes beyond cooking. She shares with her followers about exciting family travel escapades and car reviews all suited to satisfy curious families. How there’s the perfect East Coast vacation spot where you can get some sunshine and relaxation to informative videos like Ford Fusion Hybrid Interior Features on her growing YouTube channel.

You’ve seen her Instagram profile, right? She shares the good, the bad, and the crazy enough to keep you hooked and coming back for more.

Are you feeling inspired?

At this point, you have to agree, these influencers over 50 all have so much going for them it’s a wonder why the stereotype about age and influence still even exists. We have only highlighted 10 of the high-performing Instagram influencers of our time out of thousands more. 

The experience these individuals have acquired over the years is just one more priceless quality of these 50+ movers and shakers. 

Believing in your potential to influence and set the trend in our confused world is all it takes to get started. And no, It’s never too late!